The materials used for the construction of KARIX prefabricated houses are firstly tested, certified and of the highest quality standards.

- The frame is made of galvanized sheet metal which are formed in lightweight form with high strength and resistance to oxidation.

- The walls and roof are polyurethane insulated sandwich panels, P.U foam (density 40kg/m³, B2 fire resistances level) with galvanized, prepainted metal sheets 0.5mm thick on both sides.

For wall cladding, both internally and externally, additional layers can be added with various adaptable materials such as gypsum boards (only internally), cement boards, HPL, marine ply wood, alucobond, polycarbonate sheets etc.

The floor is made of 18mm chipboards with resistance to moisture and additional anti-molding waterproofing on the underside. The floor covering is made of high-strength PVC plastic with antibacterial and anti-mold protection. The plastic covering is offered in many colors. Optionally, laminated parquet flooring can also be installed.

- Aluminum windows and doors are always made with double glazed glass with options from different ranges, types and colors.

- Carpentry work such as kitchen benches, cabinets, cupboards, fixtures and fittings are made from selected melamine’s, in various colors, with the correct dimensions for perfect fitting so that there is the best exploitation of the space with the corresponding aesthetic effect.

- Sanitary ware, faucets (mixer) and plumbing are selected from European factories and are characterized by their quality, functionality and elegance.

- The electrical installation is done externally, within plastic channels and is always in accordance with EAC regulations to ensure smooth operation and safety.

All the above work is always done by skilled professionals and experienced craftsmen.

The factors that form and determine the final price of a prefabricated home are many. The most important are as mentioned below:

- The materials which will be used for the construction.
- Household equipment that will be requested, such as: kitchen benches, countertops, cabinets and furnishings.
- Number of bathrooms and the choice of sanitary ware and faucets.
- Choice and quantity of aluminum doors and windows.
- Plumbing and electrical installation.
- Air conditioning.
- Choice of flooring.
- The final design and the size of the residence.

All the above and many other factors determine the final price of a construction.
Each prefabricated building is designed and priced according to the customer's needs.
As you already may know KARIX prefabricated constructions are manufactured and finished in the form of cubes-boxes at the company's factory. When designing and constructing it is necessary to take into consideration the transportation of each cube with maximum dimensions of 3.5m x 9m. However, this is not a restriction on the size and area of a home because it may consist of two or more boxes which are transported individually and connected to each other on site. This style, apart from the unlimited area, can provide us with floor plans other than rectangles in different shapes such as L - Π etc.

A wide range of designs are available in many sizes and shapes.
At KARIX you will find a wide range of designs in many sizes with different floor plans which can meet almost all the needs and requirements of its customers. You can either choose from one of our pre-designed houses or work with us to create a custom home that’s perfect for your needs and site.
Future expansion of a KARIX prefabricated residence can be done without any problems.

It is certainly much more correct and economical to make a reference from the beginning of potential future needs, provided that you know them, in order to be taken into account in the original design. This provision ensures a better end result with the lowest construction cost to the Buyer's benefit.
KARIX prefabricated housing solutions, as mentioned above, are made from selected high quality materials, always with a view to ensuring their longevity, as well as stability, water tightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation. The whole construction successfully complies to the above parameters, which are also required by authorities, so that the relevant building permit can be obtained.

The quality materials used in combination with the years of experience and professionalism of KARIX people ensure an unaltered structure that can withstand all weather conditions and withstand time. This enables the company to provide all customers with a 5 year warranty on the final product. This is the best guarantee for each customer.
The construction time of a KARIX prefabricated home depends on the design, size and services, furnishing and fixtures that each customer requests. In any case delivery time does not exceed 60 working days. There is also the option of immediate delivery if the customer chooses a prefabricated from the stock that we keep constantly for immediate needs.
The customer, upon ordering, will receive from KARIX final plans – floor plans and views showing the dimensions and all points for electrical supply, water supply, drainage outlets etc. Following this, and with the help of KARIX technicians, in a consultative form, you will have to construct a 15cm-20cm thick concrete base in the proposed dimensions, reinforced with Y10 / 20cm iron.

After fitting the prefabricated home you have to connect the power, telephone, water and drainage services.

The whole process is simple and always done with the support and guidance of the KARIX technical department.
KARIX has two trucks - platforms equipped with cranes, specially designed and configured to transport prefabricated constructions. These together with our experienced drivers can safely transport prefabricated units anywhere as long as there is the necessary road network and the required access.

* If all your questions have not been answered, please contact us for further information and clarifications.